Tool:  Review My Elearning


This application provides a simple way for teams to collaborate on course reviews. Here’s a video product overview –

I don’t work for this company – I just love talking about tools that will help my fellow developers save time and effort!

Securely and easily upload your zipped SCORM course – I’ve used it with the Articulate, Adobe and iSpring products with no issues. Then, send unlimited free invites to developers & reviewers who can review your course without changing windows.

When you upload the course, you can assign reviewers, attach an email, set an option for reviewers to see each other’s comments and set a review completion date. The reviewer accesses the course and makes comments for each page in the course. The course operates like normal – interactions and voice-overs are all a part of the review. Add tags to make it easier to sort issues like functionality and text changes.

You (the developer) are notified when the reviewer has completed making comments. You can view the comments along with the course pages and/or download a spreadsheet with details.

Now here comes the good part! You can upload a revised version of the course and set a new review cycle with a new review deadline for the same reviewers and/or add/change reviewers. Everyone can still see all the comments from the previous review. Reviewers can mark their review complete and approve the course or come back and finish at a later time.

Pricing for the application varies based on your needs.

Check out the demo of the review tool: